Revision Policy

  • PapersCube offers revisions to its customers who become eligible for the same after meeting certain conditions as listed under this policy.
  • Every customer who places order with PapersCube is required to provide all of their requirements without missing any portion of the requirement at the time of order placement. If any customer fails to get all of their requirements acknowledged with PapersCube, they will not be eligible to claim free revisions.
  • PapersCube will only accept a free revision request if and when customer is able to prove the areas where PapersCube may have not met the requirements as per commitment.
  • PapersCube has set certain timelines for its customers to get back with their revision requests and the timeline are as mentioned here under:
  • Document Size

    350-4500 words

    4500-9,000 words

    9,500 words and above

    Timeline for Claim Revision

    12 days from order delivery. Charges shall be added after expiry of timeline

    25 days from order delivery. Charges shall be added after expiry of timeline

    Timeline for delivery of Revision

    10-15 hours after customer makes the request

    24 hours required for those orders having order delivery timeline as 48 hours or more.

    3-days will be required for delivery

    5-days will be required for delivery

  • PapersCube brings clarity to its customers regarding the criteria that is termed as ‘additional work’ as compared with revision request. If a customer asks for making some changes that are other than the requirements as placed at the time of order placement, then PapersCube shall treat that requirement as an ‘additional order’ and shall charge for that.
  • PapersCube charges the fee for additional work following an internal formula that considers the factors of type of work, complexity, size, timeline etc. as per customer’s requirements.
  • PapersCube holds the policy of not entertaining any requests for delivering revisions on holidays.
  • PapersCube follows a rule of not accepting any additional work while the original work of the customer is in progress at the end o writer to ensure quality and timeline.